The CoverMyMeds Tech Blog is a collaborative blog—comprised of the engineering teams at CoverMyMeds— where you can learn about how we do what we do on a daily basis. We have a unique opportunity to quickly create innovations through both process and technology. Our philosophy is to implement things right the first time focusing on availability, scaling, privacy, and security. In cases when it’s not proprietary to our service platform, we give back to the Open Source community with existing tools we modify and with new tools we create. You might be wondering why we’d publish the source code of the things we create. Here’s what one of our founders, Matt Scantland, has to say about that:

“The best technical people want to work with open source, so that is what we do. Publishing your projects is the PhD of open source.  Very few companies go this far, but that is when people get the most satisfaction out of it, so we make time to do it.”

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